Elected Member of the National Watercolor Society


     I am extremely pleased to say that I was awarded Signature Membership in the National Watercolor Society in September, 2015.  My watercolor, "In Their Own Worlds" was selected for the 2015 International Exhibition, and three of my other paintings were viewed in person by the jury of selection, resulting in my acceptance as a new member.  On top of that, the painting won an award and was selected for the traveling show.  The traveling show of about 30 paintings goes to several locations around the country for one year.

     The painting was based on a photo I took at my niece's wedding, showing two girls sitting at one of the head tables toward the end of the evening, looking perhaps a little tired and glazed over.  I have started painting in a style that emphasizes the big shapes of the picture and blurs out the image a little so that we get an overall abstracted impression.  See the gallery section of this website for more of my paintings done in this style.

     The National Watercolor Society was founded in 1920 and is based in San Pedro, California.  It has about 800 Signature Members, who are elected by a jury of their peers and allowed to include the letters "NWS" after their signature on paintings.  Membership is granted to artists worldwide, although most are American.  This year's NWS 2015 Annual International Exhibition takes place at the NWS Gallery, 915 South Pacific Avenue, San Pedro, CA (near Los Angelas) from October 24 - December 19.

     In 2012 I became an elected member of the American Watercolor Society, and am now active in that society as the Submissions Chairman for the annual show.  The AWS is based at the Salmagundi Club in New York.  Regardless of being a member, it is still very difficult and gratifying to get into these shows!  It can take years of submitting before someone is accepted even once, and there are many, many excellent painters who are not members.  So I am counting my blessings and considering myself very lucky!

     Susan Avis Murphy, AWS NWS