ARThouse Watercolor Demonstration classes:
Winter and spring 2014
note:  There are a few spaces left for April and May; price has been pro-rated to $60 for these two classes

     I will be offering a series of three Watercolor Demonstration Classes during the next few months.  In these 2.5 hour classes I will do a detailed watercolor demonstration of a certain subject, explaining my whole process as I paint.  The subject of the first class will be still life, the second will be landscape, and the third will be flowers.  There will be four class groups for each demonstration that will meet at the times below, about every 4-5 weeks.  These will be demonstration classes only: we will not be doing critiques or in-class painting.  Each class will be accompanied by a “watercolor challenge” which you can complete on your own if you wish.  There will be informational handouts and possibly a blog article following each demo, that shows the step-by-step process used in the painting(s).  If you are also in my separate critique classes, you could bring your finished challenge painting to that class.

Class One: Still Life – March 4 & 5
Class Two: Landscape – April 22 & 23
Class Three: Flowers – May 27 & 28
The time slots will be:
Tuesdays: 1:00 - 3:30pm and 7:00 – 9:30pm
Wednesdays: 9:00 – 11:30am and 1:00 – 3:30pm

     The reason I have chosen this format is because so many students have told me that they get more benefit from a live demonstration with questions and answers than anything else!  Also students seem to do better work in the convenience of their own home, even without direct help. 

     If you would like to sign up for the Watercolor Demonstration Class, please go to the link below and select a time slot. The cost for the three classes is $90.  This will take you to the online payment page, where you will pay with a credit card or Pay Pal, and be registered for the course.  You will receive a receipt by email.  You can switch between time slots if necessary—just send me an email.  You do have to register for the entire course, because partial payments and scheduling are difficult to handle.  It is possible that the dates will need to be changed due to problems on my end, such as illness or weather.  I will send you an email as soon as possible in that case.

     Register for Watercolor Demonstration Class

     If you have any questions, please email me at, or call me at 301-774-3418. This should be fun and I hope you will join us!

Susan Avis Murphy,  ARThouse,  February 10, 2014     

Pictured below are "Mugs and Mums at the Blu' Island Bistro",  "Evening Star",  and "Dogwood in Spring"  all by Susan Avis Murphy  


Note:  There are three sessions left and still a few slots if you would like to join; the remaining sessions are $12 each, or $36.  You can sign up online by clicking the link below.  --Susan Murphy, March 12, 2014

The Watercolor Critique Club is a monthly meet-up for people who would like to put forward one or two paintings for a group critique.  These will be paintings done on your own, either partially finished or finished, of any subject matter you please, mostly in watermedia.  Each artist can have two paintings critiqued, or more if there is time.  Please bring your reference photo if you used one!

We will have 3 different time slots that you can sign up for, meeting on Tuesdays afternoons and evenings, and Wednesday afternoons.  The sessions will be $12 each and you sign up online for a series of five, for $60.  Each session will be about two hours, and have up to 10 people in it, and people will be able to switch between sessions if necessary.  Since the course is only $60, we will not pro-rate for sessions you might miss.

I will lead the critique but will encourage group discussion in order to build critical thinking skills that can be applied to your own artwork.  We will come up with some general criteria to use in critiquing, concerning composition and design, subject matter, style, and application of the paint.  We will have an honest, but gentle, discussion so that people can get useful feedback and encouragement at the same time.  We will also have useful discussions about the art world in general, and practical subjects that can help you improve not only your art, but your participation in the art world.  The club will be a clearinghouse for ideas and information about watercolor, and can be a place to announce shows, pass out literature, and help promote each other, like a networking club.

The dates for critique will be as follows, but are subject to change (with notice!) if obstacles arise on my end:

Class One:  February 11 & 12 (Tuesday from 1-3 pm and from 7-9 pm, Wednesday from 1-3 pm)

Class Two:  March 11 & 12 (same hours)

Class Three: April 15 & 16

Class Four:  May 13 & 14

Class Five:  June 17 & 16

If you would like to sign up for Watercolor Critique Club, please go the the link below and select a time slot.  This will take you to the online payment page, where you will pay with a credit card or Pay Pal, and be registered for the course.  You will receive a receipt by email.

Register for Watercolor Critique Club

The reason I am offering this is to help keep you painting!  It is very useful to have a goal and destination for your work, even just an informal meeting like this, where people can exchange ideas about painting and meet with like-minded individuals. This will be fun and I hope you will join us in the Watercolor Critique Club !

Susan Murphy,  ARThouse, Jauary 21, 2014



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